Dress Code Policy 

  • Dancers hair is to be in a bun (short hair should be bobby pinned back) 
  • Dancers are to wear only Dance Studio 150 uniform to class. (to be purchased at Showbiz Dancewear located in  Edmond & OKC)
  • For non ballet classes dancers are allowed to wear gym shorts, tank tops, leggings, tank tops, and ponytails to class. (no two piece outfits allowed that shows midriffs please)
  • Dancers shouldn't wear underwear with their leotards. This is ballet protocol world wide. 
  • If your instructor has additional requirements they will let you know.

Division Dress Code 

Download the pdf for a breakdown of what each division dress code requirement is. Showbiz  Dancewear located in Edmond & OKC also has a copy of the requirements for our studio. 

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