End of year recital. 

Dance studio 150 is a classical ballet school studio focussed on the whole education of each dancer. Our recitals take place in the spring at the end of our semester and we alternate between doing a full length ballet one year, featuring the upper division students, and the next year a recital consisting all of genres of dance, featuring the children's department. Each year the recital will include both the children's department and selected upper division classes, just in different ways allowing them a variety of performance opportunities that we believe will strengthen them as dancers. Our 2017-2018 season ended with our full length ballet of 'Narnia' and we are excited to announce  our 2018-2019 recital, 'New York City' which will contain all styles of dance. 

Drop-off and Pick up Guidelines 

  • All dancers in Pre-Ballet, Division 1 and Division 2 must be checked in my a parent or guardian. 
  • Parents are asked to respect our policy of not entering the classroom while class is in session. 
  • Division 3-6 dancers should go to the Upper Division dressing room upon arrival. 
  • Please don't arrive more than 10 minutes prior to a class (as the studio is small) and please don't arrive more than 15 minuets late without prior permission from your instructor. 
  • Don't forget your pick up time and please try and not be more than ten minutes late. 
  • If for any reason you will be late dropping off or picking up please contact the studio immediately.  In the case of an emergency call the studio line and we will do our best to help you. 

Absence and Tardiness 

  • Regular attendance to class is very important as it not only affects your dancer, but their entire class and teacher. 
  • Excessive absences (more than 5) may result in the student not being allowed to participate in the recital. 
  • Dancers in Division 3-6 who miss 3 classes each semester are responsible to attend a lower division ballet class of their choosing to make up for the absences. 
  • We ask that if you know ahead of time your child will have to miss class (due to illness, vacation, etc...) that you contact the teacher and let them know at least 24 hours ahead of time if possible. 
  • If absences are becoming a problem we will want to set up a time to meet and discuss the cause of the absences and what the next best step for your child will be; which will include talking through if your child will be able to continue in the class or participate in the recital. Please note full responsibility for recital fees and costume payments will still be due. 


Email is the primary and preferred method of communication and here are some important emails for you to have. 

Mrs. LE : mrsle@dancestudio150.com (children's department) 

Miss Kia: kia@dancestudio150.com

Matt Hunt: matt@dancestudio150.com (business manager, financial department) 

Miss Abby: Abby@dancestudio150.com 

Miss Rebekah: Rebekah@dancestudio150.com

If you need to contact Dance Studio 150 immediately, please contact the studio line at 405-312-0161

Instructor Illness and Incliment Weather Procedures 


  • We will send an email by 2 pm if classes will be cancelled due to inclement weather or teacher illness. . We generally follow the cancellation policy of Edmond Public Schools. If they cancel, we cancel. We have built in 5 weather days into our schedule; should we use more than 5 we will proceed with scheduling make-ups for the classes missed. 

Upper Division dancers (Div 3-6) will receive an invitation for the Division that they are being placed in. You will receive this invitation by the first of August. 

We carefully evaluate each dancer when determining the correct class placement. It is very important to remember that all dancers are individuals with different talents, skills, and ability levels. They will not progress at the same rate. Therefore, to maintain a high quality dance education, it is sometimes impossible to keep the same dancers together in class year after year. The most important thing is that the dancer should be comfortable in his or her learning environment, not inhibited. We DO NOT base our classes on age, but by ability. Please respect the instructors decisions regarding placements for your child or others.

Placement Policy